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Projects that tell stories

Hotel Meliá Paradisus

Hotel Meliá Paradisus

All elements are subtly integrated into the environment and take care of the smallest detail and design to breathe the same exclusivity of the brand.

Hotel Servatur Puerto Azul

Hotel Servatur Puerto Azul

Designed to unite space, play and creativity in a single path that passes through a water play area made up of a splash pool, a Splashpark and slides, to a playground area for hiding, climbing and sliding.

Hotel Barceló Occidental Jandía Mar

Hotel Barceló Occidental Jandía Mar

world and surf, so present in the Canary Islands, with a complete proposal of water games, slides, Waterpark, Splashpark and water bubble, which form a unique experience.

Grand Palladium Costa Mujeres

Grand Palladium Costa Mujeres

A park that breathes the air of the Caribbean with play areas for children of all ages, an iBaby, a Splashpark and a Waterpark that offer a complete children's and family leisure experience.

Camping Sanguli Salou

Camping Sanguli Salou

An innovative water attraction with climbing, jumping and sliding that children will love, with the challenge of reaching the top. An ideal solution to complete the children's and family leisure offer in the area.

Municipal sports center of Algemesí

Municipal sports center of Algemesí

A complete range of games with a Splashpark, a Waterpark and a bubble for climbing and non-stop fun. A proposal that stands out for its personalised design within a sporting context that stimulates psychomotor and cognitive development.



Different solutions
designed for you

Integral Project

We create projects comprehensively to create a truly personalized leisure experience for families and turn a space into an unforgettable experience.


It is a playground inside a shallow or splash pool, with many play possibilities and customizable designs. They are the best leisure proposal to generate unique experiences and achieve differentiation in a leisure space.


It is a dynamic, shallow aquatic play area that includes adapted elements that guarantee safe and enriching play for all ages. It promotes the development of motor skills during play and provides an interactive and sensory experience.

Water Games in Swimming Pools

We design very varied elements in form and play, aimed at children of all ages and abilities to improve the user experience and loyalty by elevating the leisure proposal.


The most differentiating element. It is a climbing, jumping and sliding water attraction where children and adults can have fun. The challenge is to reach the top, but to achieve this you have to climb with the help of grips and companions.

Water Slides

The integration of slides in leisure projects allows us to complete the proposal, covering a wider range of ages and play styles. We adapt them to the needs of the project, adjusting height, shape and colors to achieve total harmony with the environment.

Wave Ball

A different system to create a wave pool. The Ball floats in the water and is controlled by an automaton, capable of generating artificial waves precisely and safely. This system offers a controlled and exciting experience for surf enthusiasts and water lovers, without compromising safety or quality.


Our playgrounds are play spaces where the little ones immerse themselves in a different universe where they can move freely and be themselves.
We create natural areas for shared play and where parents can be present during their children’s play.

Kids Club

The Miniclub houses continue the design line of the exterior and complete the game offer. We design every detail, achieving a unique space that tells a story.


Increase the value of your space with a children’s and family leisure project


Stand out and elevate your guest’s experience with a children’s and family entertainment project that will leave a lasting impression. In the hotel sector, differentiation is key, and nothing achieves this like offering unique and memorable moments for the whole family.

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Families are a key segment for the camping sector; they are looking for a holiday destination that offers them fun, tranquillity and contact with nature. At Isaba, we have understood this need and we create personalised family leisure projects adapted to the space and environment where they are located.

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Public spaces

Play is an essential activity for children’s emotional, motor and intellectual development. It is a natural way for them to learn and explore the world around them. That is why we create leisure projects for a wide range of community areas, such as parks, squares, sports centres, municipal swimming pools, etc.

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Other spaces

We design children’s and family entertainment projects, completely personalized and unique, for a wide range of spaces, ranging from hotels, campsites and tourist resorts, to public squares, swimming pools, sports centers and even theme parks and shopping centers. We are committed to tailoring each project to each client’s specific image and values, ensuring an experience that reflects their distinctive identity.

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We design the project you have imagined

We work with a co-creation process where we continually share information with a single objective: to design the project you have imagined.

It is not a standard process. We will listen to you during all stages of the project and will incorporate any suggestions.



We listen

We listen to your tastes and needs to create a project for you.


We conceptualize

We transform your ideas into a unique project.


We design

We dedicate ourselves completely to your idea to design a completely personalized proposal that adapts to your identity and environment.


Hands on

We work with you to make your idea a reality, from production to installation.


The result

Enjoy your project come true. Quality and satisfaction guaranteed.


Our partners and clients
who have brought magic to their spaces

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